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Christmas pyjamas


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Baby Christmas pyjamas 3D red nose, cute little reindeer, beige and red

For parents who love their family and especially their babies, here are the new cute 3D red-nosed reindeer Christmas pajamas that will keep your baby…

Baby Christmas romper embroidered with a little reindeer, red and white

For parents who care about their babies' happiness and health, these red baby pyjamas with a little reindeer embroidered on the chest will keep your…

Boy Christmas Pyjamas for Kids Funny bearded Santa, white and red

£19,60 £25,34
For parents who are proud of their little boys, come and discover our cute white and red pyjamas with a Father Christmas design on the…

Boy Christmas Pyjamas Kids I love Santa green and red

For Santa lovers, let yourself be tempted by the new "I love Santa" Christmas pyjamas in green and red for little boys, so that they…

Checkered Christmas Pyjama Small Reindeer Merry Christmas

£15,12 £26,75
These red Christmas pyjamas with little Merry Christmas reindeer, red and black check style on the trousers will be perfect to enjoy a nice hot…

Christmas family pyjamas Merry Grinchmas

£15,12 £26,75
Here are the Merry Grinchmas pyjamas, a fun Christmas pyjama idea to celebrate your Grinchmas alone or with others. Suitable for families, couples, children, and…

Christmas pajamas set Reindeer on Snowy background

£15,12 £26,75
A wonderful smile from this beautiful pajamas of a Reindeer on a snowy background that will keep you warm during the holidays. Matching pajamas for…

Christmas pyjama suit with grey winter pattern

£19,60 £26,75
A modern, winter-patterned Christmas jumpsuit pyjama set, perfect for rolling around in bed and chilling out at home in the run-up to the holidays. Matching…

Christmas pyjama suit with red winter pattern

£19,60 £26,75
A modern, red, winter-patterned Christmas jumpsuit pyjama set, perfect for rolling around in bed and chilling out at home in the run-up to the holidays.…

Christmas pyjamas 3 little guys Ho Ho Ho

£15,12 £26,75
Super Christmas pyjamas with diamond pattern trousers and 3 little guys on top. Matching pyjamas for families, couples, children and babies.…

Christmas pyjamas baby green elf with hat, green and red

For a fun and original Christmas, here are the new green and red baby pyjamas in the style of a little green elf with a…

Christmas pyjamas black with green fir tree pattern

A beautiful Christmas pyjama for adults, to try on as a couple to enjoy the freshness and candor of Christmas. A unique black model with…

Christmas pyjamas caribou bear and fir tree

£15,12 £26,75
A beautiful set of red, grey and black checked Christmas pyjamas for the whole family, couples, children and babies. You will find on this model…

Christmas Pyjamas Couples and Families Reindeer in Love

£15,12 £26,75
Fill yourself with love with these In Love Reindeer pyjamas, suitable for couples, families, children and babies.…

Christmas pyjamas Father Christmas tied with a garland

£15,12 £26,75
For Santa hunters, here are white and red pyjamas showing Father Christmas caught at the foot by a garland. A fun matching pyjama for a…

Christmas pyjamas for newborns and babys, little Santa, red and white

For parents who love Father Christmas and cute costumes, these red and white newborn and baby Christmas pyjamas in the style of a little Father…

Christmas pyjamas from the Wink of the Teaser Reindeer

£15,12 £26,75
A handsome, blue-eyed, winking Reindeer... be careful this winter, this Reindeer is a real rascal! An original Christmas pyjama for families, couples, children and babies.…

Christmas pyjamas green elf striped for babies

Nice sets of green pyjamas with red and white stripes for your babies. Models reminiscent of the merry elves who help Father Christmas make toys,…

Christmas pyjamas green striped with Elf Squad pattern

£15,12 £26,75
For a great Christmas, discover our beautiful green Christmas pyjamas with white and red stripes for families, couples and children. On this model you will…

Christmas pyjamas Ho Ho Ho covered Reindeer white red black

£15,12 £26,75
For those who love the sweetness and splendour of Christmas, these Ho Ho Ho pyjamas printed with a cheerful reindeer will enhance your evenings and…

Christmas pyjamas like Dogs and Puppies

£15,12 £26,75
An original pattern of dogs and puppies happy to open their presents, a cute and fun Christmas pyjama. Suitable for the whole family, couples, children…

Christmas pyjamas Little Christmas dinosaur

£15,12 £26,75
For Christmas lovers, these Christmas pyjamas in red with red reindeer, check style and bear and tree motifs on the trousers will be perfect for…

Christmas pyjamas Little Green Goblin striped

£15,12 £26,75
Beautiful Green Goblin Christmas pyjamas with white stripes for the whole family, couples, children and babies. A model that reminds us of the little elves in…

Christmas pyjamas Little Reindeer Wink

£19,60 £26,75
An irresistible little reindeer with a wink, here are Christmas pyjamas that will soften many a heart during the winter and festive season. Matching pyjamas…

To celebrate the festive season and spend your winter in the warmth, what could be better than real Christmas pyjamas? Comfortable and elastic, our pyjamas with Christmas motifs are guaranteed to please you once worn. Get into the spirit and magic of Christmas with one of these great sets and have an experience by the green tree that will be unforgettable whether you are with family, friends or lovers.

In this collection of Christmas Pyjamas

In this collection you will find all the sets belonging to the category of pyjamas, nighties, bathrobes, jumpsuits on the Christmas theme, all types combined. If you want to find a garment to wear for this winter and this magical holiday season, then you will find many items here, regardless of your size XS, S, M, L, XL or XXL. Find your favourite product, don’t hesitate to visit the other pages to see all our products belonging to this Christmas Pyjama collection. You can also view our products classified in their respective categories in the site menus or the various filters displayed on this page.

4 good reasons to buy Christmas pyjamas

Because pyjamas with a Christmas reindeer are super cute

Once upon a time… Well, we’d love to tell you that our pyjamas will make Santa visit you more often, but Santa only comes once a year! More seriously, our adorable Christmas pyjamas are designed with a lot of fun and stars in their eyes to offer you really nice models for everyone, but that’s not the only reason.

To finance a humanitarian project, to participate in a good cause

Indeed, we are planning to participate in and/or design a humanitarian or associative project around Christmas. You participate in a simple way to this idea: by buying your Christmas pyjamas on our website, a part of the profits will be kept to finance the project! So we hope you all like the Shop 2022 Christmas pyjamas because we really want to get enough orders to complete this mission! The rest of this project will be followed on our newsletter and our networks.

For a successful Christmas group photo, good memories

If you are a fan of the annual Christmas photo at home with your family, friends or at work with your colleagues, then the Christmas Shop pyjamas will be the best choice as they perfectly match the theme and atmosphere of Christmas, winter and the festive season. We offer a wide range of designs with different patterns to suit all tastes!

These pyjamas are ideal for chilling out at home

Enjoy your best winter breakfast in your pyjamas while watching your favourite TV series or the winter landscape with your mulled wine or hot chocolate. The Christmas Shop pyjamas are authentic and trendy Christmas pyjamas and will be perfect to stay relaxed at home and spend great moments with your loved ones whether you are at home, at the chalet, they will keep you warm, in front of a small fire, or under a duvet.

Manufacturing of our pyjamas

Our pyjamas designed in France are made of cotton and synthetic textile. This specific mix has been chosen because it offers several advantages: cotton and synthetic material will keep you warm, will not move in the wash, will remain comfortable and soft, and will not get damaged so that you can keep your new pyjamas for a long time and use them again for your next Christmas.

Our pyjamas are not yet made in Lapland in Santa’s country! We have chosen Asia for the quality of manufacture offered by our expert partner in this field. While waiting to offer you a delivery by sleigh, we plan to relocate our production in Europe in the next few years in order to offer you a shorter circuit; to allow this we need your trust and support in order to develop. We hope you will appreciate this initiative of our beautiful website to offer you great pyjamas for your Christmas!

How to care for and wash your Christmas Fabric pyjamas

All our Christmas pyjamas can be cared for in the same way and our care tips can be found on each product sheet.

Before the first wash, it is best to fix the colours of your new pyjamas that have never been washed by following the appropriate guides on the internet on how to fix the colours of new clothes. It is necessary to repeat the colour fixing operation until the water is no longer coloured by the colour of your Christmas pyjamas.

For the first wash we recommend a gentle hand wash at 30°, we also recommend using additional products such as an anti-fade or additional fixative if your pyjamas contain white or a mixture of colours to avoid an unpleasant surprise, however if you have thought of fixing the colours before then the risks will be greatly reduced.

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